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How to Stay Organized in College

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There is just so much thrown at you in college that it can be hard to keep up with it all! Between classes, assignments, papers, and extracurriculars, things can easily slip between the cracks. It is important to have a system to make sure everything gets done. So, I’ve made a list of the best ways to stay organized!

Get a Planner!!

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Seriously. You may not think you need one, but you totally do! Planners help you see all that you have going on and the act of writing a task down helps you remember it. You may not realize that you have three papers all due on the same day but if you write it down in a planner you can easily see the due dates and plan accordingly.

Planners are a personal preference. There are thousands of layouts for this very reason. Take some time to sift through the variations and find one that a good fit for you. For example, I like being able to plan out my day in hour increments so I can see exactly when I have classes, meeting and obligations. Other people like to see the big picture and prefer weekly planners. I recommend this day designer planner or this at a glance planner if you are like me and like hourly/daily planners!

Write Your Syllabi in Your Planner

It’s super easy to get your syllabus for a class, look at it, think “oh that assignment isn’t due until October,” and then toss it aside. But then that assignment that seemed so far away sneaks up on you and hits you right in the panic zone. Professors assume that you have read and remember the syllabus. They may not remind you about upcoming assignments or end of term papers. So, as soon as you get your syllabi, write your due dates down!

Personally, I write bigger assignments on my monthly calendar. Day to day assignments I put on in the daily section and on a to-do list for the day before. This helps me remember to actually do the assignments before they are due ahah!

Make To-Do Lists

To-do lists are life savers! Write a list for each day with assignments, chores and other responsibilities. Not only will this help you remember everything you have to do that day, it’ll also help you be more productive! Making the list gives you a set deadline of the end of the day to accomplish your tasks. It helps you hold yourself accountable. Also, it feels good to check items off your list!

Make a Filing System for Your Papers

One of my biggest issues my first semester was losing papers. I just kind of threw loose papers on my desk in a big pile and would have to look through all of them anytime I needed one of them. Not only did this waste my time, I also ran the risk of misplacing important papers. That is why it’s important to create a system to keep track of all of them! I use stackable letter trays, like these, to sort my papers why topic and what I need to do with them. I also had pockets in all of my journals where I would keep papers from that classes so I always knew where to look.

At the end of the day, you need some sort of organization. But, exactly how that system works is different for everyone. You’ll have to play around with a few methods to find which one is the best fit for you.

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