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Upcycle DIY: Embroidered Flower Neckline

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I recently discovered (through Pinterest) how versatile and cool embroidery can be. I was looking for a calming hobby and decided to give it a try. I ended up loving it! So, I tried to look for anything in my house that I could improve with my new found embroidery skills. That is when I came up with the idea to decorate the neckline of a random blue shirt in my closet. DISCLAIMER: I am not an embroidery expert so I may not have done this completely correct but hey! it turned out pretty good. Here’s how I did it.


Step One

Stretch the center of the shirt across an embroidery hoop. I aligned mine so that the point of the v-neck was towards the top of the hoop and in the center. I used a fairly soft t-shirt so I had to stretch it really tight.

Step Two: Pink Lazy Daisy

I began by adding a lazy daisy with pink floss at the tip of the V-neck, right below the seam. Thread the needle and tie a knot at the end of the floss. Poke the needle through the back of the fabric and pull until the knot it is snug against the back.

Create a loop on top of the fabric that is the desired size of the petal. Poke the needle through the same hole that the thread is coming through. Push the point of the needle back through to the front of the fabric where you want the point of the petal to be.

Hold the first side of the petal and pull the thread through until it is tight. This will create the petal shape! Secure the shape by poking the needle back through the same hole.

Follow the same steps to add the rest of the petals and complete the flower. I did 5 petals for most of my flowers. Try to keep the petals uniform in size. However, a lot of mine ended up kind of lop-sided and they still look cute!

If you learn better visually, here is a link to a very helpful YouTube tutorial!

Step Three: Stem Stitch

Use green embroidery floss to do four stem stitches on both sides of the pink daisy. A stem stitch starts with a simple running stitch: poke the needle through the back to the front. Push the needle to the back so that you’ve created a short line directly below the seam.

Next, create the offshoots of the stem. Push the needle to the front of the shirt out to the side and in front of the line you’ve just created. Poke the needle on the other side of the original line to create a horizontal line. Pull the thread through but leave it loose so there is a loop on top of the fabric.

Push the needle back through the end point of the original line. Maneuver the needle so that the thread goes under the loop. Pull the thread through but make sure the loop stays relatively loose. Push the needle back through the same hole it came through and pull tight to complete the stich. Then just repeat the process to make 3 more stitches!

Step Four: Purple and White Lazy Daisies

Follow the same steps as the pink lazy daisy to add other colored flowers. I did a line of purple daisies directly below the pink and green stems and a line of white below the purple. I offset the flowers so none of them were right below another one.

Step Five: French Knots

Now add the center of the flowers by using yellow floss to make French knots: push the threaded needle through the back of the center of the flower. Pull the thread all the way until the knot is flush against the back of the fabric. Hold the needle horizontally against the fabric and wrap the thread around the needle twice. Poke the needle back through the same hole it just came through. Make sure to hold the thread tightly and out to the side until the thread is pulled completely through.

Add French knots to the centers of all the flowers! I just kept the same piece of thread for all the knots in a section just so I wouldn’t have to tie off each individual one.

Click here for an awesome YouTube tutorial.

Step Six

Once you finish the section in your embroidery hoop, undo the hoop and start a new section! Repeat the process until the entire neckline is complete!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! If it was go ahead and pin the graphic below. Leave any embroidery tips or experiences in the comments!!

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