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Upcycle DIY: Embroidered Flower Neckline

I recently discovered (through Pinterest) how versatile and cool embroidery can be. I was looking for a calming hobby and decided to give it a try. I ended up loving it! So, I tried to look for anything in my house that I could improve with my new found embroidery skills. That is when I came up with the idea to decorate the neckline of a random blue shirt in my closet. DISCLAIMER: I am not an embroidery expert so I may not have done this completely correct but hey! it turned out pretty good. Here's how I did it.

Clothing, DIY

Upcycle DIY: Painted Crop Top

If you are like me, you have wayyyyy more T-Shirts than necessary. I even end up keeping worn out or stained ones which leaves me with very little room in my closet and a not so top notch wardrobe. However, most of my tees are super comfy and a lot of them I got for free! Because of this, I try to figure out ways to dress them up! So, I came up with the painted crop top DIY below for an old stained shirt!

College Life

Dorm Décor: Do’s and Don’ts

Ah, the most exciting time of the year for an incoming college freshman: dorm décor season. Time to pick out color schemes, buy new throw pillows and flock to Target for all the things every college student never knew they needed. In all that excitement, it's hard to not go overboard and know what you… Continue reading Dorm Décor: Do’s and Don’ts