10 Back to School Essentials

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If you’re like me, back to school shopping is one of the best times of the year! Walking into office supplies stores and picking out must-haves is almost as good as Christmas! However, you want to make sure that you are spending your money wisely. So, here is a list of my top ten must have school supplies!

The North Face Women’s Borealis Backpack

This backpack is amazing! I bought it going into my junior year of high school and have now used it for almost four years! I love the laptop pocket because it keeps my computer from getting all banged up on my way to classes. The straps are super comfortable, especially since my backpack is always way too heavy. The compartments in the front pocket work really well for holding my planner, pens and flashcards. The only drawback is that because of the padding on the back of the bag, it can get pretty hot. In the warmer months, the back of my shirt would get sweaty while walking to classes. However, since it’s held up and works so well for me, I find it worth a little extra heat!

Pilot Erasable Highlighters

These highlighters are so cool! My mom got me these for Christmas a few years ago and I haven’t stopped using them since. I’m always really hesitant about marking in my school books. But by having erasable highlighters, I feel way less guilty about it. They erase completely and come in really cute pastel colors!

Day Designer Hourly, Daily, Monthly Planner

This is the best planner that I have ever found!! Now, planners are a very personalized thing and this one just happens to meet all of my very specific criteria. The monthly calendar has lines and room for notes and goals. Each day is a full page with hourly slots from 6am to 8pm and room for a to-do list and notes section on the side! It is a little pricey on Amazon but I actually got it from my local Target for only $20!!

Papermate Clear Point Mechanical Pencil

I know a recommendation about pencils is picky but I am a pencil (and pen) SNOB. These are literally the only pencils that I will use. They hold up really well and if I don’t lose it, I can keep the same pencil for the whole school year! The erasers are also super great!

Five Star Five Subject Notebooks

I buy these notebooks every year! They hold up so well that I usually reuse them a couple of times. I always use the pockets to store all the papers for that class and there is enough sheets for my excessive note taking and doodles!

Tabbed Sticky Note Dividers

These are great for annotating books and organizing your notes. I always like to write on sticky notes instead of the actual book! Plus you can flip right to passages that stuck out to you.

Five Star Expandable Vertical File Folder

Vertical file folders are amazing! They are a great way to keep my papers organized and they are way better than horizontal ones. It is so much easier to find the paper I need because the title is right there at the top!

Elephant Tape Dispenser

Okay this tape dispenser is just too adorable not to include! This guy just sits on my desk an oh so cutely dispenses tape to me from his trunk.

Knock Knock To Do Pad

I just love the knock-knock brand! They have lots of hilarious planners and to-do lists. I like this one because it divides the to-do items into errands, tasks and correspondence. They also have lots of funny ones, especially if you aren’t opposed to swearing!

Bear Post It Note Holder

I’m ending this list on an unBEARably cute note! Especially because my school mascot is a bear! This guy is not only adorable but also super functional. NOTE: you do have to get the accordion style post its for it to work.

Hope this list gave you some great ideas for your back to school shopping! If you like this post, make sure to pin the graphic below! Let me know in the comments if you have any essential back to school items that you love!

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